Agri-food production deficit in the Baltics is an opportunity for Portugal

The Baltic states region comprising Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania presents an insufficient local production of agricultural goods, failing to meet local demand. The main reasons pointed out are linked to geographic and weather constraints that hinder agricultural activity. This insufficient supply opens opportunities to export Portuguese agri-food products to the Baltics, since both sides are members of the European Union.

These conclusions emerge from the Baltic States Market Study, fostered by PortugalFoods (Portuguese association for the food industry) and developed by Market Access. This study includes a macroeconomic evaluation of the most relevant trade relations in these countries and contains also a profile of their consumers and consumption trends.

Projections indicate an economic growth in these countries in the future. The political and economic situation favours exporters from EU member states. Lithuania is the biggest importer among the three Baltic countries and many of the products imported by Estonia and Latvia pass through the Lithuanian market, making it a good entry point to the Baltic market.

Consumers in this region have a high purchasing power and the increase in disposable income raises the demand for foreign beverages. Premium items, especially coffee, cheese, and exotic products, are highly required. There is also an increasing demand for healthier products and snacks in these markets. Products such as spirits, wine, pork and bread, pastry and bakery goods, have the greatest potential for Portuguese exports in the agri-food market sector.

You may find a full version of the study in Radar de Mercados platform on PortugalFoods website. The platform offers an interactive tool which pinpoints the primary export markets for your company.

With specialized local consultants, Market Access is able to help companies in these sectors with the internationalization process to the Baltic region – Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia – either developing strategic studies, client prospecting, promoting partnerships, or through commercial visits and representation services in these markets.

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