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The Company

Set up in 2005, Market Access is a company specialised in internationalization and is focused on supporting the attainment of international business.

Throughout its 19 years of activity, Market Access has been supporting the expansion and approach to external markets of its partners and customers.

Today, Market Access has a vast experience in the implementation of more than 1500 internationalization projects and a portfolio of over 600 clients from different geographies. Market Access has developed internationalization projects for organizations from around the world, in more than 60 geographies.

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The Team

People are our main asset and contribution to the success of our customers in international markets. Our team is made up of dynamic and highly qualified professionals who complement their extensive training and knowledge with experiences in multicultural contexts.

International Network

Over the years, Market Access gradually expanded its geographical scope of intervention, operating today in more than 60 international markets. Market Access’s international network consists of long-term partners who know and operate in their natural markets.

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Over 19 years, we have supported over 600 public and private organizations from different industries and sectors. We see each client as unique and develop solutions to approach international markets, fully customized to the needs of each client.

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