Textile Industry: Embracing Sustainability and Internationalization for Global Success

Since the pandemic, the global textile industry has faced drastic losses. In an effort to reestablish the sector, many countries have implemented sustainability strategies to distinguish their industries from others. These strategies aim to strictly adhere to environmentally friendly practices that prioritize quality over quantity in production. By doing so, countries aim to enhance the caliber of their products, thereby improving their global rankings.

Through internationalization, this has proven possible. Several companies have adopted this approach to take advantage of global opportunities and achieve sustainable growth. In recent years, Market Access has supported the internationalization of various companies worldwide with different strategies and methodologies according to both external and internal contexts. When approaching new markets, companies need to investigate different variables to determine their market entry. This is why a correct diagnosis and market analysis are vital in defining an effective action plan with appropriate OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Mitigating Risks in Internationalization: A Three-Step Guide for SMEs

An international approach must be carried out thoroughly, and previous studies have concluded that international expansion requires exhaustive research to inform market decisions and mitigate risks. Nevertheless, when performing the first steps in internationalization and paving the way to an expansion project, SMEs are likely to face several challenges related to information assessment and dedicated and appropriate Human resources to ensure the commercial development for the selected region. That’s why Market Access has developed a 3-step methodology that aims to provide information and accelerate the development of concrete actions that leverage the definition of the market entry strategy and the qualification and conversion of leads. Within 9 to 12 months, Market Access supports its client to establish a market approach by defining the guiding principle, critical success factors, and key actions, and assuring commercial development.

Since 2005, Market Access has been successfully supporting textile companies in developing their expansion strategies. Our services include market selection analysis, market studies, and the definition and implementation of export plans for clothing manufacturers, spinning mills, and fashion brands. With over 120 textile projects executed across various markets, our expertise is well-proven.

If you’re looking to define your international expansion strategy or accelerate its implementation, contact us to establish an initial diagnosis and design a methodology tailored to your needs.

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