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“I’m pleased to share my testimonial about Market Access’ services. Market Access has a highly professional and dynamic team.
From the get-go, they demonstrated exceptional commitment to our international objectives. With their support we were able to enter new markets.”

– Filipe Dias, Savior

Savior is a renowned Portuguese textile company known for its commitment to quality, diversity, and innovation. With a broad portfolio of clothing products, Savior leads market trends and adapts to contemporary needs while prioritizing social and environmental responsibility.

Aiming to expand its presence in European markets, connect with potential partners and navigate the diverse challenges of internationalization, the company relied on Market Access to develop a comprehensive expansion strategy.


Definition of sustained strategies to overcome the sector’s challenges in the international context

To empower Savior in overcoming the challenges of selecting and entering new markets, Market Access crafted a comprehensive strategic plan, starting with an insightful Market Selection process.

This involved a detailed analysis of factors such as market size, growth potential, competitive landscape, and regulatory environment to prioritize the European markets with the most promising opportunities for Savior. The result was a complete list of target markets, highlighting those with the greatest potential for the company.

Following the Market Selection, our team carried out in-depth Market Research to provide detailed information on the selected markets – initially France and later extending to Germany and Poland. This study provided a comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of each target market, which was essential for defining an effective entry strategy.

With a firm market entry strategy in hand, and with the support of Market Access, Savior began the process of approaching selected markets and potential partners. This approach enabled Savior to establish productive collaborations and set the foundations for sustainable growth and the success of its expansion efforts.


Through in-depth market analysis, Market Access provided Savior with a solid action plan, leveraging the company’s strengths and addressing its areas for improvement. In this way, it was possible to devise strategies to mitigate potential challenges and risks, resulting in a clear and actionable market entry strategy.

Furthermore, Market Access ensures the successful implementation of these actions by adapting communication materials, prospecting potential clients, and through lead qualification. Our comprehensive and integrated service leverages our clients’ international expansion efforts.

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