Mexican marketplace seeks Portuguese auction houses

Launched 5 years ago, “Revista de Subastas”  has become a leader as a major portal website specialized in spreading information about auctions in Mexico.

In 2020, CEO of Subastas en Mexico and Chairman of Revista de Subastas, Adrián Solis, has decided to conquer new markets and replicated his business model in the Portuguese market. He created the Portal Centro de Leilões (Auction Centre Web Portal) – an online platform specialized in promoting Auction Houses in Portugal.

Since the beginning, the internationalization process of the marketplace has counted with the support of Market Access. With an integrated approach to the Portuguese market, Market Access initially gathered information about the auction market in Portugal and then developed all the graphic, design and conceptual content of the website that houses the Marketplace Centro de Leilões (Auction Centre). Afterwards, Market Access guided the strategy to prospecting potential partners to the Auction Centre, as well as promoting the platform in the market. Over the last year, the Market Access team was commited to creating and implementing a marketing plan with the main goal of strengthening the reputation of the brand Centro de Leilões within the auction industry. The marketing initiatives focused on an inbound marketing strategy, via several digital marketing actions such as email marketing, SEO, content development, social media management, and digital advertising campaigns. Concurrently, our team, together with the Mexican team, developed numerous commercial actions and represented Subastas en Mexico, holding meetings in the Portuguese market. 

Adrián Solis stated that “we are very grateful to the Market Acess team for their professionalism and support in the internationalization of our services. They have been supporting us since the beginning with the execution of our ideas through a concrete work plan which has brought excellent results“.

Created by Subastas en Mexico, the Portal Centro de Leilões is the only specialized electronic platform in Portugal aggregating a set of companies from the auction industry and provides advertising services at a national and international level to the company that owns Revista de Subastas. This platform was specifically developed for the professional auction market, enabling a link between buyers, auction houses and companies that wish to sell their assets.


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