BRinova: biochemistry company seeks expansion in Portugal and Spain

BRinova – a company dedicated to the development of innovative solutions based on natural raw materials and nanotechnology – entrusted Market Access to set and develop their commercial approach to the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

The work carried out aimed to expand BRinova’s business, establishing new distribution channels prospecting potential customers and qualifying commercial leads. Ensuing the interest demonstrated by potential customers, BRinova held virtual meetings with these potential partners and introduced them to their products and solutions.

“Market Access’s work was very important, both regarding customer research as well as collecting strategic data useful for our business. Notwithstanding the constraints caused by the pandemic, Market Access’s team has shown professionalism and perseverance to reach the intended results. We have recently established a partnership with a distributor and we are in discussions with potential customers in the Portuguese and Spanish markets,” says Samuel Ferrer, Operations Manager at BRinova.

BRinova is a Portuguese bioindustry, dedicated to the research and development of innovative and sustainable products based on natural raw materials and quality nanotechnology. The products developed by the company are based upon an advanced and modern usage of biopolymers, linked to nanotechnology, resulting in safe solutions for people and eco-friendly solutions.

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